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ABOUT the Artistes

The Boules Artistes Petanque Club had its inception in 1996 within the premises of the Hyde Park Barracks, an iconic landmark in Sydney. Through favorable exposure and a feature in the SMH, our gatherings on Sunday afternoons quickly attracted a regular attendance. Our involvement in organizing the South Pacific Challenge further heightened interest, drawing a crowd of over 200 participants, many of whom experienced their inaugural tournament. Regrettably, the management of the Barracks deemed petanque unsuitable for the area due to its growing popularity.


Following a period of dormancy due to the lack of a permanent venue, the Artistes regrouped in 2003 upon discovering an exceptional location at Pyrmont Point Park along Sydney Harbour. As our membership expanded, we relocated to the Canterbury Bowling Club, which boasted a scarcely utilized boulodrome. After enhancing the amenities, we enjoyed a period of prosperity. However, circumstances necessitated another move as the fortunes of the bowling club declined. Presently, our official venue is at Latham Park (Randwick Boulodrome) in South Coogee.​
While Latham Park is our main 'competition' ground. We also play in other superb areas in public parks - Centennial Park, Ballast Point (Birchgrove), and Pirrama Park, Pyrmont.

We actively encourage individuals to join us and experience the joy of petanque! Our commitment lies in expanding our membership, fostering social connections, hosting additional competitions, and elevating the standard of play. In pursuit of these goals, we regularly host "C'mon, have a go!" days, where participants of all skill levels can interact with one another and gain a deeper understanding of the game's rules. Additionally, we coordinate more competitive events that may span the entire day and offer a more intense experience.

Petanque serves as an ideal social sport for various groups such as classes, friends, sports teams, or colleagues. Introduce them to this quintessentially French pastime! We can tailor a special day specifically for your group, providing equipment and guidance. With our excellent facilities, we guarantee a day filled with enjoyable experiences.

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