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our playing grounds

Randwick Boulodrome (Latham Park)- Moverly Road, South Coogee NSW 2034

The Randwick Boulodrome is our main and official venue and easily accessible from any direction. The pistes sit atop of the South Coogee Bowling Club, are great, challenging and shaded with huge Eucalyptus and Rubber trees. The perfect set up...what!









How to get there?
By train and bus: Take the train to Bondi Junction and then catch the316/317 bus which goes straight to the piste. These buses return from Eastgardens so you can start from there as well.
By bus from Bondi to nearby stops:
376 to Malabar Rd near Moverly Rd (Stop 203421), Maroubra Beach to Central Railway Square service
353 Malabar Rd near Moverly Rd (Stop 203421), Eastgardens to Bondi Junction service
377 Malabar Rd near Moverly Rd (Stop 20342), Maroubra Beach to City Circular Quay service.
Any bus along Anzac Parade that travels through Maroubra. Get off at the bus stop nearest the French School (Lycee Condorcet) and walk up Moverly Road, about 10-15 minutes.

Ballast Point Park - Corner Wharf & Ballst Point Roads, Birchgrove NSW 2041
Another perfect set-up for petanque with wonderful terrain and views. Situated between Mort Bay and Snails Bay in Port Jackson, Ballast Point was used as a fishing and hunting ground by European settlers and as a source of 'ballast' for ships returning unladen to Europe in the late 1700's to early the 1800's. Hence the name 'Ballast'.


How to get there?
By bus: Catch the 441 towards Birchgrove from outside the Art Gallery of

NSW or the Queen Victoria Building. Get off at the end of the line at 

Grove St, opposite Wharf Rd and take a short walk to Ballast Point Park.
By ferry: You can also catch the ferry from Circular Quay . Disembark at

Balmain Wharf and walk around the harbour foreshore.




Pyrmont - Pyrmont Park, Pirrama Road
Yet another perfect pistes equilibirum, adjoining Pirrama Park.
Pirrama Park is located at the end of Harris Street, adjoining Pyrmont Point Park located at the northern end, near the wharves.

How to get there?
By bus: Catch the 389 bus from the Queen Victoria Building to bus stop 200921.





Centennial Park (Dickens Drive, near the Education Precinct)

How to get there?
By Train: Go to Bondi Junction Station, walk along Oxford St, 20 minutes to

Centennial Park (2 km). You’ll need a map from there!

By bus: Or many buses that travel along Oxford Street. Get off at Woollahra and

enter the park. You’ll need a map from there!
Car parking bays are available as well.

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